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This fall/winter collection explores the theme “winter surfer.” The wetsuit material used in parts of the collection appeals with its warm, stretchy feel. Details such as silicon, piping and fasteners add a refined image, completing a look that is sporty, functional and young. Don’t pass up the chance to check out the work of this store’s new design team.
2018年秋冬系列从冬季冲浪运动中获得灵感,以“WINTER SURFER”为主题展开。局部使用的潜水服材料,温暖且弹性优异,富有魅力。硅胶、包边、拉链等细节设计更加精致,运动感十足的同时,更加轻便、实用且给人以年轻的印象。敬请享受新设计团队打造的产品系列。