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Hamanoya Parlour is a tribute to Japan’s coffee-shop culture and its history. Patrons can sip Hamanoya Blend, a blend of coffee beans delivered from the shop’s proprietary coffee plantation in the Kona district of Hawaii, or nibble on sandwiches prepared the same way for over 50 years, while soaking in the ambience of modern art and music played on LPs.
“HAMANOYA PARLOUR”重视日本的茶饮文化及其历史。欢迎您在现代艺术与唱片音乐的氛围中品鉴来自夏威夷自营农园所产的夏威夷科纳混合而成的“HAMANOYA BLEND”,以及先代传承至今、已有50年历史的三明治。