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Entertainer Shingo Katori and stylist Tomoki Sukezane team up as store co-directors to present Jantje_Ontembaar. The whimsical Dutch name combines “Jantje” means mischievous kid, and “Ontembaar” means tomboy. The name sprang from the co-directors’ hope never to forget the playful spirit of youth. Jantje_Ontembaar sprang from the never-before-seen idea of the “permanent pop-up shop,” abbreviated PPP. Neither a select boutique nor a brand, Jantje_Ontembaaraims to be a place where “something is always evolving.”
明星香取慎吾和造型师祐真朋树携手共创了“JANTJE_ ONTEMBAAR”。JANTJE是“皮小子”的荷兰语,ONTEMBAAR是“野丫头”的荷兰语。源自无论何时都不失一颗爱玩之心的愿望。 本店铺诞生于前所未有的PPP SHOP(PERMANENT POP-UP SHOP)这一概念,既不是精品店、也不是品牌,励志成为“始终发展着的地方”。