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Prominent among the brands offered here is Austin Reed, steeped in tradition as a purveyor to the British royal family. The Austin Reed line of elegant, feminine prêt-à-porter items is not to be missed. Torex also offers its own prêt-à-couture brand, Opalescent, with collections that attract new customer favor with each season. Choose the cloth and design that suit you best and Torex will tailor an ensemble for you with meticulous care.
本店销售品牌“AUSTIN REED”为拥有英国皇室御用传统与高雅格调、塑造女性魅力的优雅高级成衣。TOREX的原创半定制品牌“OPALESCENT”可让顾客从不同季节的系列中选择自己钟意的材质和设计,打造一款真正喜爱的服装。