Antique furniture / Lighting / 3F
An antique is defined as something that was created by human hands at least 100 years ago and has value as a work of art. Yumeori handles items that fit this globally accepted definition, with the accent on Western antique furniture and light fixtures. Yumeori can show you pieces in the rococo, Victorian, Art Nouveau and other styles, explain their historical, cultural and artistic significance, and assist you in coordinating your interior.
历经百年,仍具备美术品价值方为“古董” 本店以西洋古董家具、照明为中心的陈列品皆遵循这一世界共通的定义。 为您介绍洛可可、维多利亚、新艺术主义的上乘家具价值及其历史、文化、艺术,亦可为您提供室内装修方案建议。